Skin Repair & Glow Serum
Skin Repair & Glow Serum
Skin Repair & Glow Serum
Skin Repair & Glow Serum
Skin Repair & Glow Serum

Skin Repair & Glow Serum

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This fast absorbing, non-greasy serum is formulated with hempseed and safflower oil; two oils with a comedogenic rating of 0 meaning that they absolutely will not clog pores, and carefully chosen essential oils such as ylang ylang, ginger, and frankincense which calm acne, improve dry and oily skin, and helps fade scars.

Tremella mushrooms have the ability to hold 5x their weight in water which provides your skin with intense hydration and keeps your skin firm, supple, and youthful! They also are very high in Vitamin D which has amazing skin healing capabilities such as wound healing and cell healing. 

Some benefits include:

Plump, supple skin

Improved texture

Softer skin

Increased blood circulation

Reduced inflammation (redness, bumps, etc)

Balanced oil production for dry and oily skin

& more!

 Directions: Use 1-3 pumps on freshly washed face and massage until absorbed. Follow up with your regular moisturiser. Use morning and night, or just as a night serum and wake up with glowy skin! 

Ingredients: Safflower seed oil, Hempseed oil, Cinnamon Oil, Frankincense oil, Rosemary oil, Ylang Ylang oil, Tea Tree oil, Lime oil, Lemon oil, Ginger oil, Patchouli oil, Peppermint oil, Tremella Mushroom Extract, Agave nectar. 


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