About Knapturals

  This is a Canada-based company! 🇨🇦 My name is Kristen Hope and I am a 17 year old business owner. Before my launch in early 2019, I envisioned a brand that would not only use all natural ingredients provided to us by Mother Nature, but to also promote body positivity and self love. All of my products are made from scratch, handmade by me! I pride myself on catering to people with sensitive & acne prone skin by making products that are made without artificial scents and absolutely no colourants. I struggle with eczema myself, so I create products...

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-Prices and sizing are subjected to change. -Our butters are WHIPPED & we fill them to the brim. Temperatures can cause a change in texture & decreased volume (jars appear less full) Warm Temp: Decreased volume (our products are measured by weight) Cold Temp: Gritty texture (still melts wonderfully into skin)  -Allow a week to process orders. Most are freshly made. Please note that larger orders will take longer as most products are made to order.  -No returns, refunds or exchanges but please contact us if there are any issues. -For UK orders, select TRACKED option for tracked shipping as...

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